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 I'm taking a brief break from my week-long post-exam Fire Emblem:If binge to write out some of my ~opinions~ on the gameplay. I'm roughly halfway through my second run through where I'm making a bunch of... smarter decisions (my Lunatic/Classic run is up next, where I'm going to refine everything...or just give up halfway haha). I found a lot changed since Awakening, (not just skills/classes) and a lot of the same strategies I had in that game no longer apply here.

Basically I just really appreciated [personal profile] mrbluesky 's FE:Awakening guide and thought I should use my ~japanese skillz~ to help others or w/e (also I'm really lonely with nobody to talk to until 2016 about This is written assuming you've played Awakening so I might gloss over some of the super basics 

These will not contain any spoilers (most of the time I won't even be mentioning characters by their names or any specifics, except for the main character and Aqua/Azura ie "the blue girl", up until the section on the kids). At the end I'll have some opinions on "smart strategic choices" that will mention characters, but that will be clearly marked. Also note that I have only played the Nohr version (I'm planning on getting Hoshido/3rd route in English) and so this will be very Nohr-centric.

Also this isn't meant to be the Best guide and there could be a lot more improvements I'm just... writing out a lot of stuff I wish I knew when I started, and this is more for people who are just starting out

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So I watched Der Hobbit yesterday. I wouldn't touch the fandom in even my darkest hours so I dunno what they like to call it for short, but I'm going to call it B5A.

There are some spoilers, the biggest spoiler being that it was shit )


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