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 I'm taking a brief break from my week-long post-exam Fire Emblem:If binge to write out some of my ~opinions~ on the gameplay. I'm roughly halfway through my second run through where I'm making a bunch of... smarter decisions (my Lunatic/Classic run is up next, where I'm going to refine everything...or just give up halfway haha). I found a lot changed since Awakening, (not just skills/classes) and a lot of the same strategies I had in that game no longer apply here.

Basically I just really appreciated [personal profile] mrbluesky 's FE:Awakening guide and thought I should use my ~japanese skillz~ to help others or w/e (also I'm really lonely with nobody to talk to until 2016 about This is written assuming you've played Awakening so I might gloss over some of the super basics 

These will not contain any spoilers (most of the time I won't even be mentioning characters by their names or any specifics, except for the main character and Aqua/Azura ie "the blue girl", up until the section on the kids). At the end I'll have some opinions on "smart strategic choices" that will mention characters, but that will be clearly marked. Also note that I have only played the Nohr version (I'm planning on getting Hoshido/3rd route in English) and so this will be very Nohr-centric.

Also this isn't meant to be the Best guide and there could be a lot more improvements I'm just... writing out a lot of stuff I wish I knew when I started, and this is more for people who are just starting out

Introductory stuff
- For some reason I really like the character creation screen this time......................... I just wanted to point that out..............

- When you get to the end of the character creation you'll be asked for a secondary class. Unlike Awakening where you could class into p. much everything, you only have two class lines: Nohr Prince/Princess and the class that you choose here. My suggestion is to choose a secondary class that will nab you a skill that you want passed onto your child(ren), or a class that you might want your child(ren)/marriage partner to be able to change into (more on that later). If you want to do a blind run, then just....choose a class that you like the sound of

- You can't get Galeforce through normal means in this game, so don't choose Pegasus Knight for that reason lol

- If you're blindly choosing a class, maybe choose a class that isn't easily accessible in your copy of the game? idk just for variety or w/e, in Nohr there are so many Social Knights/mercs etc

- ~Opinion~: I chose Pegasus Knight my first play and found it lacklustre which is sad cause it was one of my favourite lines in Awakening. Most of the skills you learn are not particularly fabulous and are more for a support role. The Falcon Knight promotion is pretty familiar to Awakening players, and instead of Dark Flier as a promotion option you have Golden-Kite Warriors which are bow users.... flying bow users against other flying bow users is a truly terrifying Russian Roulette experience in Classic

- If you're playing Nohr and not paying attention to eugenics/mechanics etc do be warned that the Hard difficulty setting for Nohr is significantly harder than the Awakening Hard setting imo (though I've been told that Hoshido is much easier).  For reference, I played Hard/Casual on my first Awakening run which was also my first FE game and I had next to no real difficulty. My first Nohr runthrough was Hard/Casual and I did know quite a bit of what was going on and I still struggled quite a bit. You can't grind without DLC in Nohr and resources (eg seals) are pretty hard to come by until the second half of the game so just.... be aware

- That being said, the game allows you to go down a difficulty if you find things too hard mid-game (you can't go up in difficulty though).

- There is no forced marriage in this game (ie no accidental Chrom situations). In fact, the games makes sure you're ok with S-ranking anyone together before you do so haha

Gender locked-classes are more or less removed- eg you can now have female Beserkers and male Pegasus Knights. Some classes like Maid/Butler are just named differently depending on the gender of the character but are otherwise functionally the same.

Weapons now have infinite uses (except staves). Staves do a whole bunch of stuff that isn't just healing in this game, which makes for more interesting (and sometimes fkn annoying) gameplay

- In Awakening, map types were usually either "route the enemy" or "defeat commander". They've included a few more types in Fates like "Seize" (you need to defeat the commander and then "seize" the square they were sitting on) and Defend an entrance/area. They're pretty well explained in the Japanese version, at least, so I don't really think I need to explain them

-Most characters join automatically in this game as they’re usually retainers of you/a royal sibling. The exception is a character that has to be talked to (I think it’s obvious when that happens) and a character that has their own paralogue. If you’ve played Awakening you know the drill though


-Dragon’s Vein is something that’s explained fairly well in the game. basically you just need to make sure you have a few solid units with royal blood in your team each chapter to make your life easier

- characters have feet in this game

- but they don't even wear shoes most the time so what's the point......


- If Awakening's gameplay centers around trying to get Galeforce on as many kids as possible, if/Fates is all about stat reduction.

- Many skills (and weapons) involve decreasing opponent's stats after they are attacked/attack someone. This is most commonly seen with Hidden Weapons (carried by Ninjas and Maids/Butlers). Skills like Magic Seal also decrease an attacker's Magic stat by six points after they're done battling.

- Stat decreases like this wear off over time, one point per stat being restored per turn. If they get attacked again by one of these weapons/stats, it reverts back

- These effects don't typically stack (eg if you get hit twice by a Ninja with a weapon that reduces your Attack/Magic by 1 and both defenses by 2, you just get your Attack/Mag -1 and defenses -2, not -2 and -4), unless if they have a skill that allows for these effects to stack. (This skill is only found on enemies towards the end of the Nohr route.)

- Don't...underestimate these effects lol, especially at lower levels they're life or death essentially

- If you tap on any stat of a character in battle it'll give you a lowdown of what's happening- blue means it's higher than usual (eg from an item/pair up), or lower than usual (from an item or a stat reduction from an enemy)


-The weapon triangle has changed a bit. It’s now Swords/Magic > Axes/Bows > Lances/Hidden Weapons > Swords/Magic. If you remember colours better it’s Red > Green > Blue > Red


-A lot of the weapons are the same, with a few adjustments so they’re not so overpowered. Specialty weapons like the Wyrmslayer/Beast Killer do extra damage to certain units, but otherwise do less damage. Magic versions of weapons like the Levin Sword no longer crit, as do E-rank weapons. etc. just make sure you read the description

Pair Ups in Awakening were broken as fuck lmao so they've switched it up a bit. Instead of having a partner being able to dual attack with you and have a random chance of defending you, you have to choose between having a partner only defend you or only attack you- this is called Defence Stance and Attack Stance, respectively

Defence Stance is done the same way Pair Up is typically done in Awakening, ie getting two characters to smoosh up together on one tile. When you do that, you'll see a little meter with shield-shape symbols underneath the HP bar. Basically, whenever you make an attack (regardless whether it hits or not), or you get attacked (regardless whether you get hit or not), two of those shield icons fill up. When the bar is full, it will turn blue, and the next attack will always be blocked, regardless if it does 0 damage or has a 0% chance of connecting, etc. The meter will then be restored to the empty state.

- Do be aware how double attacks fit in with this: if you double attack an enemy, that will fill up four shields. Likewise, if an enemy double attacks you, that will fill up four shields. If an enemy goes to double attack you and the meter is filled, the first attack will be blocked but the second may hit.

- If you have a full/partially filled meter and you hit "wait" for a few turns (ie make no/receive no attacks) it will gradually deplete

- When you're in defence stance, any second/follow up attacks by enemies in attack stance will be blocked, which brings me to the next point....

- Personally I never used Attack Stance that much but enemies use it a lot and it's helpful in a pinch so. Basically if you aren't in Defence Stance (ie a character is by itself) and attack an enemy whilst standing adjacent to another ally (who can be in Defence Stance, or by themself), you will dual attack: you first and then your ally. Your ally will always be blocked if the enemy is in Defence Stance, however.

Personal Skills are a new addition to the game. Everyone has the 5 skill slots like in Awakening but each individual character gets their own personal skill that works differently. You can't unequip/change them/pass them down to kids (the kids have their own personal skills). Some of them are actually quite funny, eg one character's skill triggers whenever they make contact with the enemy: the enemy's clothes are stripped off and their defence lowered by 3, whilst another character will have their crit rate +10 when equipped with a weapon that has a forged name written with 8 kanji (I think you can all guess who that is lol....) (filed under: shit that the localisation team read and then nervously wiped sweat off their forehead). 
A list of personal skills can be found here, there's no point in me explaining them

Good Skills include the usual slew of Sol, Luna, Astra (Astra is very useful as it fills up your Defense Stance meter crazy fast), [Weapon]breaker, [Weapon]faire, Rally skills (but not Rally Movement), Renewal, Counter (including Magic Counter ohhh shiiit), Lethality, Aegis, Pavise, Locktouch, Vengeance (now nerfed at a 1.5*skill % activation rate), Lucky Seven and Lifetaker. 

- Many skills introduced this time around are very dependent on the particular class they're learned by (see: Great Merchant's skills, of which I have no idea how to use properly lmao).

- Some new skills that I like include (note that these are translated names I got off the Fire Emblem wiki- there's a couple of different ways to translate some of these so when the games come out they may be slightly different):

  • White Blood/Dark Blood skills (ie the skills that the Avatar/its kid learns when they're promoted from their original class) are all really good and worth learning. For White Blood we have Draconic Shield (Luck/2 % chance for adjacent allies to only get dealt half damage) and Hoshido (+10% skill activation rate, same as Rightful King in Awakening). Dark Blood has Draconic Curse (enemy stats all -4 after any battle, which is OP as fuck imo) and Nohr (when in Attack/Defence stance, you gain access to every skill that your partner has that can be triggered eg Luna, Astra, Sol, Lethality, Pavise, Aegis etc etc).
  • [Stat] Seal (eg Strength Seal, Magic Seal) are useful skills that reduce that stat for an enemy by 6 after they attack you, learnt by various different classes
  • Kunaifaire/Kunaibreaker are for hidden weapons… Kunaibreaker (L15 Bow Knight) is useful as Ninjas are everywhere in Nohr version and it’s the stat reduction that fucks you over the most with hidden weapons. I had someone with Lucky 7/Kunaibreaker and in the first  7 turns they usually had a 0% chance of getting hit by hidden weapons
  • Servant's Joy heals you for as much HP as you heal a user, v useful imo (Maid/Butler L5)
  • Raven Strike (Holy Bowman, L15) increase Hit +40 whenever a user triggers a battle which is useful to pass down to axe-wielding (especially Beserker/Revenant Knight children) because their hit rate in this game is pretty shit
  • Snake Venom (Ninja, L10) and Deadly Breath (Revenant Knight, L5) have a similar effect. Snake Venom reduces an enemy's HP by 20% after they've attacked you, whilst Deadly Breath reduces all enemies in a 2-square radius' HP by 20% after you've attacked someone. If someone is on 1HP it remains at 1HP (ie you can't kill anyone with this).
  • Defensive Formation is learned by Generals (L5). It stops enemies from being able to double attack you (except with a Brave weapon, which aren't common at all). You cannot double attack anyone when you have this skill equipped (except with a Brave weapon). Generals fell by the wayside in Awakening because they got pretty #rekt by anyone with a Hammer/2x strike Tome, but this skill alone makes them really solid units in if/Fates and I highly recommend having at least one (I wouldn't recommend this skill on other characters though tbh)
  • Four Fangs is learnt by Managrams/Nine-Tailed Foxes (the promoted form of the furry characters), which has the same effect as Snake Venom
  • Basically just make sure you use your furry characters in Nohr because Managrams also learn Odd Cry which restores a whopping 40% of their HP at the start of every odd-numbered turn. They also have a crazy Strength stat and HP growth. As long as you keep them out of the way of mages they're unstoppable (they also learn Beastbane so just put them where Pegasus Warriors/horse mounted units are and enjoy your win)
  • Sun God (Golden-Kite Warriors, L15) restores 20% HP to surrounding allies within 2 squares
  • Cut Through (Wyvern Rider L10) is a skill that I've only found use for in one specific situation but it's worth mentioning because enemies use it a lot and it's a bit odd... instead of choosing "Attack" on an enemy, you can choose "Cut Through" which attacks an enemy in exactly the same way, but you switch places with them afterwards. Enemies use this a lot to toss you around with a chain of enemies that have that skill and drag you away from the rest of your team
  • There are a lot of skills that involve increasing/decreasing damage given/taken for enemies/allies within 2 spaces. Not worth reclassing to get imo, but useful when you have them I guess
  • Note that the only –faire skill you can get with Nohr classes is Axefaire. The others are only available through Hoshido classes. Likewise, Lancebreaker is only available through the Hoshido class Blacksmith, which all the others can be obtained from Nohr classes.


- This is the thing that reaaaally fucked me over on my first runthrough until it was too late...haha

- There are two main seals in this game: Master Seal and Parallel Seal (similar to the Second Seal). We also now have Marriage Seals, Buddy Seals, Child Seals and Eternal Seals.

- Master Seal works similarly to that in Awakening, where they are used to promote lower-tiered classes to higher-tier ones (Eg Pegasus Knight -> Falcon Warrior).

- Parallel Seals work similarly to Second Seals in Awakening where they reclass you to different class lines (eg Villager -> Bowman) but do be aware that there is no infinite leveling in this game. That is, when you use a Parallel Seal on either a low-tier or high-tier class, the unit's level stays the same is not reset to 1, and when they hit level 20 they cannot gain any more experience. (When you use a Master Seal, you're set at level 1 and can use the Parallel Seal as much as you like until you hit level 20).

- Most characters in this game only have like two possible class lines anyway so it's not a big deal skill-wise

- If you use the Parallel seal to change into another class when you're at a level that is beyond when you learn a skill (eg L6), you'll just learn the relevant skill(s) that you don't have yet the next time you level up

- Marriage Seals are like a mixture of Master/Parallel Seals. If a unit has an S support with someone, they can change into their class

- Buddy Seals are the same deal, but for character's you've gotten an A+ support with

- Child Seals are the good shit. If you play a child's Paralogue at the "right time", the child will be holding a Child Seal. They're like Master Seals except they can promote to a level > L1, with appropriate stat boosts, and will instantly let kids learn the skills they “missed”.


-By “right time” I mean that if you play a child’s paralogue whilst on or after Chapter 18, they will be holding a Child Seal. It’s not worth recruiting until after this point imho


-Here’s how the Child Seal works:

  •  if you play a kid’s paralogue whilst on chapter 18, they will be holding a Child Seal and you can use it to make them a promoted Level 1 unit
  • if you play a kid’s paralogue whilst on chapter 19, they will be holding a Child Seal and you can use it to make them a promoted Level 2 unit

if you go to recruit on subsequent chapters I THINK the way it works is that they gain an extra 2 levels for every later chapter you go to get them on (doesn’t make much of a difference imo)


-In case it’s not obvious you can actually use the Child Seal during battle to promote them if you actually have control of them (ie if they’re a “blue unit”, not a “green unit” or an enemy “red unit”), just use it the same way as a potion


-In terms of picking up skills, if a kid is promoted to, say, a L5 Great Knight using a Child Seal they will instantly learn Luna, for example.


-There’s another quirk with learning skills with the Child Seal that I don’t fully understand but I’ll explain by example?

  • If you have a Mozume (ie Villager) mothered Midoriko (Suzukaze/Kaze’s daughter) and you use a Child Seal to promote from Herb Merchant -> Great Merchant (L6 for example), you will learn the two Villager skills Aptitude and Underdog and then the L5 Great Merchant skill immediately. I think it’s because Villager is the mother’s base class, which also promotes to Great Merchant. I’m sure you could reverse-engineer that knowledge for shenanigans

- Eternal Seals are used to allow a promoted class to level to L25. You can keep buying more to level more, but they cost a LOT of money and you probably won't be able to afford more than a couple without DLC

Child Units/Marriage/Buddies
- Everyone in this game is an absolutely terrible parent

- You can gay marry Shara (Hoshido) and Zero (Nohr) but you can't have kids with them, just be aware

- You can pass down hell good skillz this time around so I wouldn't bother gay marrying unless you want to make the game harder/you Really Want Some Of That Fucking Dick I guess. Also Zero's kid is amazing and you definitely want to recruit her

- if/Fates is the opposite to Awakening in that unlike Awakening, child units are tied to male characters and the mother that you choose for them determines their hair colour/genetics etc

- The only way to get two kids as a male Avatar is to marry Aqua/Azure (blue girl) which will give you her son and your daughter

- Skill inheritance works the same way as in Awakening

- You can recruit child characters p much as soon as you are able to get characters S-ranked with each other BUT I'd wait until chapter 15/16 or somewhere around there.... after a particular chapter the children will be holding Child Seals in their Paralogues and that's when you want to start recruiting them. (if you recruit early they won't have them and buying seals is a pain especially before chapter 20)

- Below with each of the paralogues I’ve given an estimate of how hard each of them are, but it depends a bit on the makeup of your team so… don’t be mad if some of these were different for you I guess haha 

- If you've recruited kids in Awakening it would be pretty standard fare to you- just talk to the kids, don't let them die etc. There are some exceptions but I'll go through them all here in no particular order:

  • Foleo (Leon's son) -- You don't have to actually talk to him or anything, just make sure he isn't killed by the Beserker and then kill all the other enemies, fairly easy
  • Velour (Flannel's daughter) -- She autojoins after a couple of turns. Sometimes I see her spawn on the top left of the map, sometimes on the bottom left. Just make sure you keep her out of the way of the magic turrets/use Dragon's Vein as much as possible, medium difficulty
  • Sophie (Silas/Cyrus' daughter) -- you need to talk to her. I haven't been fucked saving all of the soldiers because their AI is ridiculous and one of them always gets themself killed, but you still get something for saving the rest, easy, hard if you want to save all the soldiers I guess
  • Dia (Joker/Jakob's son) -- You need to talk to him, then kill everyone. Pretty standard fare, there are a couple of different strategies you can take here but it depends on the makeup of your team I guess, easy  
  • Midoriko (Suzukaze/Kaze's daughter) -- Joins at the beginning. You can literally finish this in 2 turns, the chapter ends as soon as you kill the boss/thief but I let her run around a bit to collect EXP from the other enemies, easy
  • Ignis (Benoit's son) -- You have to talk to him with Benoit. I found this one really hard for some reason? If you don't get to the bottom of the map in a couple of turns he gets killed by the two ninjas, and there's a Maid in the way that has a Freeze stave. I found the only way to deal with this is to get a mounted healer like a Falcon Knight/Strategist (I used Foleo) down as quickly as possible to use a Freeze stave on the Ninja that can't attack Ignis from where he stands to get you a couple of extra turns to get down there. hard
  • Kanna (Your kid) -- don't need to talk to him/her. In lower difficulty levels they can look after themselves very well because they're in the OP dragon form. On Turn 8 two bandits will appear, looking to steal Kanna. You can kill them or put them in your jail, whatever you like. Your strategy will depend on your team, medium difficulty
  • Eponine (Zero’s daughter) – I feel like this one needs its own section lol but it’s definitely one of the most fun child paralogues. hard
    • Eponine is an enemy in this
    • You need to kill all of the enemies before she can escape from the left door.
    • You also need to defeat Eponine. just trust me
    • I thiiink you have to kill all the non-thief enemies before you defeat Eponine?
    • To be double safe you might just wanna get a defensively built stave-user (eg a Falcon Knight or a Strategist like Foleo/Shigure) and waste an entire Freeze stave on her (you certainly don’t need to though) whilst you clean up the other enemies.
    •  Don’t worry about the thieves stealing from the treasure chests, you can kill them before they escape to get the item.
    • There are four chests. The left one holds a Shining Bow (you defs want this imo. you can buy them but you have to kill these enemies anyway so why not), the top one holds a stat-up item that Eponine will go to grab, the top right holds a Buddy/Marriage Seal  (I’m sorry, I played this a couple of days ago and have already forgotten……) and the bottom right holds 5000G.
    • I wouldn’t open the first door with a key/locktouch unless if you have two-three really defensive characters ready to block the entrance, and even then it’s not worth it imo. To the right of the door there should be an opening in the wall that you can attack and open up. have someone here with decent defensive stats and a range weapon and you’re good
    • In order to get the Shining Bow, you want a fast-moving unit that can get past the Generals/Beserkers and catch the thief on his way back from stealing it from the chest. I usually use Marx/Xander to run as fast as possible and have someone with an Armourslayer/magic user behind him cleaning up weakened enemies
  • Seigbert (Marx/Xander’s son) – Joins automatically at the beginning usually one of the last ones I get because I like to pass down Aegis from Marx/Xander, but he takes a long time to level, so. This chapter isn’t too bad if Siegbert can fend for himself, else it’s pretty hard. You need to use Dragon’s Vein on all of the possible tiles and then kill the remaining enemies. Enemies will keep spawning near any Dragon’s Vein tiles that haven’t been triggered, and you won’t gain any exp from defeating them.  I’d put Siegbert in one of those towers that are next to him, equip his Javelin and use the Child Seal and wait until you can ferry Marx or Effie, if you use her, towards him. hard, medium if it’s one of the last kids you get
  • Ophelia (Odin’s daughter) – please just make sure you recruit Ophelia lol. Her paralogue is hilarious and really heartwarming. Her interactions/support with Odin and her mother is hilarious. Her support with Foleo is hilarious. Her support with Soleil is hilarious.  I love her

Anyway she joins at the beginning so you can straight away promote her to Sorcerer. The houses contain some Hoshido tomes with special effects (one bumps up some stats and the other reverses the weapon triangle), some money and a stat item. It’s fairly easy. God the ending to this paralogue is so cute…….. I love it…….

  • Soleil (Lazward’s daughter) – you need to talk to her with Lazward. I never really used the box feature they had. You want high-movement characters in this chapter to make sure you get down to where Soleil is before she/soldiers get killed. For some reason she was always the last kid I got so I was always decently levelled so I’m going to say this is medium difficulty
  • Shigure (Azure’s son) – He doesn’t actually appear in this paralogue at all as a unit, he joins afterwards. you just need to kill the boss Adventurer to finish the paralogue. the ships move around, connecting yours to one of them at a given turn, so just make sure one of your characters isn’t isolated on a ship by themselves I guess. easy
  • Lutz (Harold’s son) – He’s an enemy and you have to defeat him. Triggering Dragon’s Vein when there are enemies nearby gives you money because people realise you’re a royal lol. easy

-I don’t know anything about the Hoshido-only kids, sorry lol

- It’s a good idea to make sure all the royals are married off. You can tell a character has royal blood if they have a crown next to their name on their status screen. Not only are most of the royal siblings (except little sis, sorry) ridiculously good units and worth keeping them in your team, but having as many children with royal blood as possible is generally a good idea because it makes your life a bit easier re: Dragon’s Vein.


-As a general rule of thumb, if you don’t know much about this and don’t want to get too screwed over, the physical mothers are more Charlotte, Camilla, Mozume, Effie and Aqua, whilst for kids that use magic you want more Nyx, Felicia and Elize/Elise.

-I’m pretty sure Charlotte gives The Best Strength Growth so I found pairing her with Flannel made an absolute wreckball of a Velour as she has no need for mag and can annihilate everything

-This isn’t really Eugenics but….. I like pairing Lazward and Aqua….. I’m not much of a shipper but if you want a good support and decent children (I don’t think pairing them has any particular negative effect) then go for it……

-Leftover mothers (Pieri/Belka/Luna etc) can be used how you want, there is usually going to be one left over I think

-Eponine (Zero’s daughter) can actually work very well as a “magic” unit. The if/Fates equivalent of the Trickster is the Adventurer (I get the feeling it’s called something different in English), which uses bows and staves. There’s a magic bow called the Shining Bow that’s essentially the same as the Levin Sword whereby it uses magic and has a range of 1-2/can hit diagonally (there should be one in a chest in her paralogue).  Just be aware that things like Levin Swords/Shining Bows don’t crit in this game. I had a Camilla-mothered Eponine that had equal Str/Mag stats and she was okay but imo it’s better to specialise in one or the other. So yeah Nyx/Elise might be a good mother . (Adventurer probably isn’t even the best class for her, it’s just a suggestion)

-The kids in Awakening were OP to the extent that the parent units all paled in comparison, but they’ve fixed that up in Fates, so don’t feel guilty if you don’t use the kids

-I didn’t use Dia, Midoriko, Sophie (in my second play when I had all the kids) or Lutz that much. They’re not necessarily bad units and you’re certainly not screwing yourself over by using them, but there’s nothing special about them or their stats. This is just my Opinion though

My Castle

-This thing is already >5000 words…. there’s nothing that I really think deserves much explaining that isn’t already explained in game.

-I’d prioritise leveling up your Weapon/Stave shops first, then the lottery shop, then whatever you want. Note you get a character joining your party if you upgrade the Onsen (Baths) and /or a turret of some description to Level 3.

General Tips

-The royals (with the exception of Elise) are pretty overpowered as they come in pre-promoted form. Can’t speak much for the Hoshido royals, but paired with the right characters Marx/Xander easily reaches >30 defence by level 15 and will take next to no physical damage in the later part of the game (biggest threat is magic and Snake’s Venom, etc). Marx/Xander’s personal weapon is pretty overpowered too. Leon is the same but for magic. Camilla is a bit more fragile but you recruit her earlier than the other two.

-It might be tempting to leave Aqua as a Songstress for the free turnz, but she’s weak as shit in that class with abysmal growth rates. I’d put her into Pegasus Warrior/Falcon Knight ASAP and then pass down one of those skills to her kid(s). You can then put her back into Songstress but I’ve never found it worth it because she loses so much of her attack/defensive growth and it’s much more worth having a strong unit capable of actually doing stuff instead having to defend a weak unit so they can provide one more turn imo…so…

-I was tossing up whether or not to put this here or in the first section but you, your children, Aqua and Aqua’s children and I THINK the other royals (but I could be wrong) are all weak to Wyrmslayers, regardless of what class they’re in. So yeah… be careful

-Before about Chapter 15 (I think that’s when you can upgrade your weapons shop to L3, if not, it’s whatever chapter you can upgrade to L3 on), seals are pretty hard to come by, so just be aware. Plan things out!

-I found Effie/Elfie a bit of a sleeper hit- I assumed she’d be pretty useless but she has a fantastic defense growth and can wall most physical characters for a good 3/4 of the game.

-There’s some Awakening DLC that (should) be free, defs recommend playing it for the conversations…….and the ending……….and Freddy gives you a very special present



now here are some fkn screenshots

Charlotte: "D'you wanna get turned into a blanket?"

Camilla: Wake me up with that kind of filthy talk every morning.
(I only married them because their support is so lewd)

Lazward: ! Being praised this f-frankly, it's kind of embarrassing...

Zero: What's this? That's pretty daring of you... here, come a little closer...
(If you walk into the onsen as a female avatar when men are bathing they'll all get flustered... except Zero)

yep, just checked, most of my photos/screenshots of Fates is just Zero saying/doing lewd shit


Ophelia- skills are Draconic Curse, Astra, Vengeance, Bind, Devilish Wind (to be replaced with Tomefaire)

Kanna- skills are Draconic Curse, Astra, Deadly Breath, Dragon's Vein, Noble Lineage (to be replaced with Nohr)

Soleil isn't my daughter and her skills aren't that great but look at her


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