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I have no idea if these are already translated

 Some quick translations for [personal profile] mrbluesky of her FE:A 4komas

Title: Advanced grade!

Panel 1
Chrom: Time for a class change!
Robin: Yeah!

Panel 2
Box next to Chrom: [Great Lord]
Box next to Robin: [God Tactician] (tl: the Japanese word for 'Grandmaster' is literally 'tactician' with 'god' in front of it)

Panel 3
Chrom: A 'God Tactician', huh....
Robin: A God....

Panel 4

Panel 1

Panel 2
Chrom: What's wrong, Robin?!
Robin: I'm such an idiot.... how could I mismanage something like this...

Panel 3
Robin: I forgot that I let Gaius have Locktouch...

Panel 4
Chrom: That's...
Robin: Aaaaaahhhh..... he stole my Boots......